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How To Watch American Netflix in New Zealand

How To Watch American Netflix in New Zealand

New Zealand is an amazing country full of things to see and do. If you’re working, studying or traveling there, you won’t have much time for TV but if you want a taste of home, Netflix is where to get it. Did you know you can still watch your favorite shows while traveling? This tutorial will show you how you can watch American Netflix in New Zealand or anywhere.

According to, the current Netflix catalog in the US stands at 4,052 movies and 1,580 TV shows. New Zealand has 3,001 movies and 1,384 TV shows. While still a respectable amount, that’s way behind what you get at home.

New Zealand and VPNs

New Zealand is an open society with the same rule of law and democracy as at home. Yet due to how Hollywood approaches licensing, they don’t get the same access to media as we do here. That’s why there is such a big difference between the Netflix we get at home and what you’ll get abroad.

At the time of writing, New Zealand does not censor the internet, block access to otherwise legal websites or try to control what its citizens can see online. There are no blocks against VPNs either so you are free to use whatever VPN product you like. That means your main consideration is going to be a VPN that works with Netflix and that is fast enough to stream.

How a VPN lets you watch American Netflix in New Zealand

A VPN, Virtual Private Network, is a security application that encrypts all your web traffic. As a side-benefit, it can also let you watch American Netflix in New Zealand.

When you sign up to a VPN provider, you will install a VPN app onto your device(s). This app will create a virtual tunnel between your device and the provider’s VPN server. Your traffic is encrypted within this tunnel so nobody can see it. This is great for if you use WiFi hotspots or public WiFi.

As you connect to the VPN network, you select a US VPN exit node. Your internet traffic flows from your device, over the VPN and on to that US exit node. From there, the traffic is decrypted and sent to Netflix or wherever else you’re going. As far as Netflix or any website is concerned, your traffic came from that US server, will have a US IP address, so thinks you’re in American and not New Zealand.

That’s how you get to watch American Netflix from anywhere.

Here are some VPN providers to consider if you’re traveling and want to see the US Netflix catalog.


ExpressVPN is a very popular VPN provider because of the speed and breadth of its network. With thousands of VPN servers in 94 countries, it has one of the largest networks around. With 256-bit encryption, a simple app, competitive pricing and excellent reliability, it is definitely worth considering.


NordVPN is another VPN provider worth checking out. It has an equally large network, with 5,200 servers in 60 countries. It is also known for its speed, reliability and intuitive app. The double hop feature is a nice extra benefit where you hope from one VPN server to another rather than decrypting and exiting. A theoretically more secure measure that might come in useful.


CyberGhost has 3,600 servers in 60 countries so is on par with NordVPN. It is also renowned for reliability, speed and security with 256-bit encryption and a great little app. The provider works to keep Netflix available wherever in the world you are while also protecting all your other internet traffic too.


StrongVPN doesn’t have the same size of network as these others with 650 VPN servers in 26 countries but it is fast and reliable. It will work in New Zealand, offers the same 256-bit encryption as the others, works for streaming, has a neat app that works on most devices and delivers on price and stability too.

Private Internet Access

Private internet Access is another regular in our lists for its network size, price and reliability. With 3,321 VPN servers in 32 countries, it has the scope to access anything from anywhere. The app is easy to use, the 256-bit encryption secure enough for anyone and the company works to maintain connections for Netflix.


IPVanish is my final suggestion that lets you watch American Netflix in New Zealand. This provider has 1,300 servers in 75 locations and is known for reliability and its user-friendly app. It offers the same 256-bit encryption, works on almost any device, has the speed and stability for streaming and should work anywhere in the world.

If you want to watch American Netflix in New Zealand, you can with a VPN. These are just six providers out of hundreds and as long as the provider works to keep Netflix available, you’re unlikely to go wrong with any of them.

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