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How to Watch American Netflix in Jamaica

How to Watch American Netflix in Jamaica

Traveling to the Caribbean? Want to Netflix and chill while you’re there? Want to watch American Netflix in Jamaica? This guide will show you how.

The Caribbean is an exceptionally popular destination for Americans venturing abroad. It’s an awesome part of the world with white sandy beaches, clear azure seas, relaxed locals and the kind of lifestyle many of us would love to lead. Plus, it’s only an hour or two flight or slow cruise south.

Jamaica is just one of many islands in the Caribbean but it is a favorite. As one of the larger, more established islands, it has the amenities we look for in a vacation destination along with those long beaches and clear seas. The local TV isn’t up to much though so you might want to watch American Netflix in Jamaica while you’re there.

To do that you need to use a VPN.

Jamaica and VPNs

Jamaica is an open society with few controls or censorship issues on the internet. There are no real issues with internet access either so you’re well looked after as long as you’re in a town with good internet coverage.

According to, the US Netflix catalog has 1,157 TV shows and 4,593 movies. Jamaica only has 686 TV shows and 2,890 movies. That’s not bad but it isn’t good either. If you want to watch some of your favorite shows while you’re there, chances are you’re going to need to access the American catalog.

Watching American Netflix in Jamaica

A VPN is an essential tool for anyone who uses the internet. Whether you’re at home, on a phone or tablet, or using a WiFi hotspot, a VPN helps keep you secure as well as letting you access content from other countries. ISPs, governments, hackers and anyone who can wants to listen in on your traffic to see if they can find anything of use. A VPN can help prevent that.

VPNs are premium services that cost from $3 a month and helps you encrypt all your internet traffic. You download an app from your provider and install it onto every device. That app creates a secure encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN exit node. Your traffic is then decrypted at that VPN server and sent on into the internet. If someone is watching your internet connection, they will see you’re using the internet but won’t be able to see what you’re doing.

Select a US exit node and your connection will be given a US IP address. This is enough for Netflix to think you’re in the States and show you the American Netflix catalog.

The following VPN providers offer access to anywhere in the world, provides access to Netflix from anywhere, use strong 256-bit encryption and all provide apps for most devices. They aren’t the only providers out there but they are some of the best.


ExpressVPN is a top-selling VPN provider with one of the largest networks around. With over 3,000 VPN servers in 94 countries, including dozens in the US, you can connect from anywhere, stream your movie or TV show and secure all your internet use. The network is fast, reliable and most importantly, secure.


NordVPN is another VPN provider that takes security seriously. With over 5,200 VPN servers in 60 countries, it also has the depth and breadth to deliver fast connections to anywhere. The service is equal to ExpressVPN in every way but also offers a double hop feature where your traffic hops from one VPN server to another before being decrypted. An extra feature for those who really need anonymity.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access features a lot in our lists for the same reasons all these providers do. The company has a fast, secure network, the reliability we look for, an app that’s easy to use, 3,321 VPN servers in 32 countries and the support you need to maintain a connection wherever in the world you might be.


CyberGhost is another provider that can let you watch American Netflix in Jamaica. It has over 3,600 VPN servers in 60 countries, a fast and reliable network ideal for streaming, works to keep Netflix available wherever possible, uses a straightforward app that makes connecting simple and has the depth and breadth to remain available anytime, anywhere.


VyprVPN is my final recommendation for a VPN provider. With over 700 servers in 90 countries, their network isn’t as large as these others but the quality of service is more than sufficient. With an intuitive app that works on most devices, a neat Chameleon feature that hides the fact it’s a VPN and the speed and reliability we expect, it’s a decent option for watching Netflix.

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