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The Best VPN for Mobdro

The Best VPN for Mobdro

If you haven’t heard about Mobdro yet, it’s perhaps Kodi’s biggest competitor. However, Mobdro is far from a new kid on the block, as it’s been around for a while now. Whether it will take over or not, it’s an excellent streaming service (it’s really more than that) and finding the best VPN to use with it is the essence of the Mobdro experience.

How It Works

In order to learn how to choose the best VPN for Mobdro, you should know how the whole thing works. First of all, what does Mobdro do that most other streaming services don’t? Well, Mobdro isn’t just a streaming service. It is a program that can search the entire internet for various free video streams. This means that it does all the dirty work for you.

Let’s say that you’ve been looking for a particular video for ages and you can’t seem to find it. Let’s also say that the video is located on the 20th page of your Google searches. You’ll most likely never really get to the 20th page, pretty much no one ever does. Well, Mobdro and its advanced search tools will.

However, Mobdro, much like the mentioned Kodi, has to use VPN services to stream some content. That’s due to the regional restrictions on some videos. The better the VPN service you opt for, the better will your user experience be.

Selecting the Ideal VPN Service

You probably know that there are countless VPN services available online. There is so many of them that they are the ones actually doing what they can in order to adjust to apps such as Mobdro, not the other way around. As Mobdro gains popularity, many VPNs are fighting over the streaming service by becoming as convenient as possible for global video content streaming. Here’s how to find the best VPN for Mobdro.

vpn for mobdro

Fast Connection Speeds

Naturally, you’ll want your VPN to be as fast as possible. When it comes to video streaming, this is especially important, as connection speed directly impacts your viewing experience. If you want to watch a 1080p HD stream, you’ll need to find a VPN service that excels in the speed department.

Fast connection speeds are also essential when it comes to quick location switches, in case an address goes down.

Large Server Network

Mobdro works by gathering its streams from a wide variety of sources all over the internet. This is even more important when you consider the fact that some content may have geo-restrictions that don’t allow certain geographic locations to gain access to it. This is why you’ll want to have a wide selection of VPN addresses at your disposal, coming from various places all over the world.

A VPN with a global network is the best choice in this department. At least if you don’t want constant hiccups and roadblocks along the way.

Right Apps

At the moment of this writing, Mobdro is available only on Android.  Therefore, you wouldn’t want to sign up for a VPN service that doesn’t offer a dedicated VPN for Android. In that case, your Mobdro simply won’t work.

Strong Encryption

Ideally, you’ll want strong encryption for anything that you’re using, especially when it comes to streaming services. With Mobdro, you are trying to stream something on the internet and given its huge reach, you are somewhat exposed here.

Therefore,  a combination of strong privacy and encryption features is something that you should go for here. Additionally, look for services that offer a zero-log user guarantee and a reliable privacy policy. Keeping things private is absolutely essential here.

Best VPNs for Mobdro

Let’s examine some great VPN options for Mobdro. All three services are available on Android which makes them ideal for Mobdro


This VPN service is among the most popular one in the world, and for a good reason. It has a server in its offer for every need. There are servers optimized for HD streaming and NordVPN itself can unblock 150+ geo-locked streaming platforms. It offers top levels of privacy, as well as a 256-bit encryption. It isn’t cheap, as far as VPN services go.


If privacy is your biggest concern with Mobdro, PrivateVPN is the way to go. This service puts privacy first, using a 256-bit encryption and stellar forward secrecy, as it isn’t keeping any logs. Although PrivateVPN offers less than 80 servers in less than 60 countries, it offers higher speeds which work great, even with 4K content streaming.


In addition to the 256-bit AES encryption, this service has a zero-log policy. To make things even more secure, ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands that aren’t subject to data retention laws. Fantastic connection speeds are also a big perk here and it has servers in more than 90 countries, world-wide. ExpressVPN takes the cake, with its compatibility with Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android, Linux, Amazon Fire Stick, as well as many other operating systems and platforms.

best vpn for mobdro

Headache-Free Streaming

Mobdro is a fantastic service that allows you to find and stream worldwide content on your Android device. However, finding an equally good VPN is even more vital here.

What VPN service have you opted for? Do you have any experience with our top 3? Hit the comment section with your opinions, thoughts, questions, and advice.

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